How much Botox® do you need?

This chart should give you a general idea of the typical amount of Botox® Cosmetic recommended for different areas of the face.  Make an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Kim for a personal evaluation and recommendation.  

Frown Lines:  20 - 30 units

Eyebrow Lift:  2 - 5 units (per side)

Crow's Feet:  5 -15 units (per side)

Forehead Lines:  10 - 30 units

Nose Bunny Lines:  5 - 10 units

Smile Lift:  3 -6 units (corner of mouth - per side)


Our commitment to you goes beyond skilled treatments.  Dr. Kim helps you look your best with corrective treatments, skin enhancements and maintenance services.  


You can feel good knowing that Dr. Kim has over 30 years of specialized training as a Board-certified physician and a passion for aesthetics. 

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